Welcome to Genus Aconitum L. (Ranunculaceae) in Slovakia

The aim of this site is to introduce the results of investigation of chorology, taxonomy and morphology of genus Aconitum L. in flora of Slovakia.

The research was carried our in November 2012 - January 2013 and based on study of herbarium material which is deposited in SAV, BRA, SLO, NI, ZV, KO and TNP. In total about 3.000 specimens were elaborated and 994 of them were included in main database. As well as phenetic study has been conducted using 453 best saved specimens.

The genus Aconitum in world flora includes about 300 species of herbaceous plants, most of which are not only poisonous but also endangered rare species. These genus is known as a one of the difficult taxonomical group and a number of taxa inside them have debatable and controversial character. To solve the problems of genus systematics adoption of new methods of taxonomy are necessary.

Current investigations have been supported by SAIA, n.o. grant No 2957

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